Below are the questions the CCORR Inspectors will be asking when they review your homes/site.  Make sure your home is fully prepared prior to the inspection date.  

Health Review

Every place in the home/site must be clean, well maintained and free of pest infestation. Piles of newspapers, clothes or other stored materials could create a fire hazard. Below are the principal items to look for:

  1. Any signs of roach or other pest infestation problems?

  2. Kitchen and appliances clean and well maintained? At least 1 refrigerator for every 6 residents

  3. Is adequate and clean food storage space provided?

  4. Are any piles of newspapers, clothes or other stored materials creating a fire or safety hazard?

  5. Are bathrooms clean and orderly? Do five (5) or fewer female residents share a bathroom and do seven (7) or fewer male residents share a bathroom?

  6. Are the furniture and furnishings clean and of reasonable quality?

  7. Do all sleeping rooms provide all residents with adequate space?

Safety Review

Home must meet basic safety requirements. These are the principal items:

  1. Are there smoke detectors in every sleeping room, hallway, and outside of kitchen?

  2. Is there a fire extinguisher 6 to 8 feet from stove and 4 to 6 feet from the floor?

  3. Are carbon monoxide detectors installed in appropriate places (if you have gas appliances or heat)?

  4. Are there at least two properly identified exits in case of emergencies?

  5. Is the property address on the front of the house clearly visible from the street?

  6. Are the home/site address, emergency and utility phone numbers posted in a conspicuous location?

  7. Is smoking prohibited in areas that could be considered a fire hazard or a problem for neighbors?

  8. Do smoking areas have approved safety disposal containers for smoking materials?

  9. Are there any electric outlets or extension cords that could be considered a fire hazard?

  10. Do(es) the home and any other permanent structures meet local building and safety codes (Indicate management verification or visual appearance as observed by the inspector)

  11. Are the house and grounds well-kept and consistent with the quality of the neighborhood?

  12. Is Naloxone (Narcan) available, at least 2 kits, and accessible; evidence that staff and residents are oriented in it’s use?


Management and Document Review

Has the house/site leader completed any Leadership Training and does he/she have the basic skills to manage?

  1. Is there a clear and concise description of the operation of the home/site with a mission statement?

  2. Are there clear acceptance criteria for all applicants? Is it posted on the website?

  3. Is there a single Personal Data Information Sheet (including medications) for all occupants that includes information necessary in the case of an emergency and is it kept secured?

  4. Is there a occupant agreement where rules are clearly explained?

  5. Do the occupant rules cover key issues? Are the rules clear and easy to understand?

  6. Are occupants required to attend therapy/or a form of group support?

  7. Is the sober home grievance policy (with the contact information) posted in a location where occupants can see and read it?

  8. Does management provide daily recovery programming at the sober home?

  9. Does the home have insurance coverage appropriate to their level of support (taking into account factors such as size, location, permitted activities on the premises) ?

  10. Have all management and house leaders signed the Code of Ethics


Please email documents to or make a copy for the inspector to take with him.

1. House/site leader Leadership Training Certificate and/or Basic Skills to     Manage Reference Letter

2. A concise description of the operation of the home/site

3. Clear acceptance criteria for all applicants

4. Example of Personal Data Information Sheet including emergency contacts and medications for each occupant

5. Occupant/ member agreement

6. Recovery residence grievance policy

7. Example of daily recovery programming at the sober living

8. Copy of DECLARATION PAGE for insurance coverage 

9. Signed Code of Ethics for both Occupant Leaders and Staff available for inpection.