The Directory of Connecticut Sober Homes

We currently have more homes that have been inspected then appear here. We are working hard to complete the list. 

Men's Sober House

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New Life II

10 Beds

Our vision is to provide resources, services, and training that will educate, empower and motivate individuals.  We will focus on transforming seasons of difficulty into seasons of grace, hope and triumph. We believe in embracing the talent and resources of the community we serve by furnishing them with tools that build self-reliance, sustainable development, and continued upward mobility. Our mission is to equip and empower individuals that are caught in the cycles of hopelessness, disenfranchisement, and dependency, and to see their lives transformed. Our primary goal is to help vulnerable men and women overcome negative situations by providing ongoing education, recreation, mentoring, critical life skills training, and support services, infusing them all with faith-based principals. Our promise is to provide a home-like residence with independent living. We offer individual and group sessions in addition to a safe, drug-free environment, where individuals can learn skills needed to restore balance in the home. We teach skills that will help them overcome the challenges that have been causing them to

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The Beckley House is a 12 Step Adventure based sober house for men 18 years and older, located in Canaan, CT. designed to offer men with drug addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse disorder an opportunity to build a strong program of recovery while living and enjoying life with like minded fellows. Our mission is to provide a supportive and fun environment for men seeking to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. Our program focuses on responsibility, accountability, honor, compassion, 12 Step recovery programs, service and fun for our residents. The Beckley House is a grand old Victorian home and carriage house located in the heart of the Berkshires. Each resident resides in a fully furnished apartment with two or three fellow residents. 


Living in the Berkshires we are graced with the possibility of many adventures. Within 30 miles of the house there are two ski areas, fantastic white water rapids, several beautiful waterfalls, numerous hiking trails and great fishing and swimming. Our back yard opens up to a volleyball court, a fire pit and the trail to a  ridge with sweeping cliff top views. The YMCA, a public golf course and basketball courts are a short walk away. It is truly an amazing environment to start a new life.

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Women's Sober Houses

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10 Beds

At Phoenix 43 we value community building and wellness.  Resident's are actively engaged in house-management, activity development, and community-engagement.  Resident's create and nurture a supportive recovery ecosystem.

For the benefit of everyone's health, the community employs frequent drug screenings to enforce our strict zero-tolerance policy for substance use while living at Phoenix 43. Our approach to recovery is evidenced based, our founder, Dr. Hamilton Gaiani, is a Yale trained psychiatrist.  His role is to regularly review the current addiction literature to inform and develop our curricula, policies and community-structure, as well as meet with the elected house manager frequently to ensure the best possible living experience.   (Please note that no treatment is delivered or available)

There is good evidence that community-engagement, structure, psychotherapy, medication assisted treatment, as well as community support groups (AA, NA, Smart Recovery) are all excellent tools for personal wellness and recovery.  We support any combination of these efforts.

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Rosa Park's Sober Living provides life skill mentoring, assistance connecting to outside program support and other necessary training that will empower our residents to find employment, housing pride in becoming a productive citizen.

Group of Women

Kasia's Hope

12 Beds

Kasia's Hope is 12 bed female only sober home located at 79 Woodstock Ave in Putnam CT. It is a MAT, self pay/ sponsorship ($150 a week) home. The ladies living in the home will have access to AA/NA meetings, educational resources including GED, college and certificate programs, community connections, entitlements, coping skills, life skills, a voice, hope and employment in the Quiet Corner.

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Judy's Place is for women who are truly serious about rebuilding, restoring and renewing their lives.

Confident Woman

Our community is full of people who want to help. We work to help the people providing services with the people who need them.

 Congress Wellness Center 

is an eleven bed, family living, private pay, recovery site for women. We’re certified under The Connecticut Coalition of recovery  in accordance with The National Sober Living Homes Association Standards.



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Our mission is to provide exceptional sober living for each and every woman we meet. Right Path takes pride in supporting newly recovered women who want to live free from addiction. In a comfortable home in a quiet, residential neighborhood, we specialize in post-treatment, 12-step based sober living that combines with clinical support from the community. With added coaching support and the support of other residents, you have the freedom to create and practice a balance of work, recovery and life.  Often, the result is inspired, transformational recovery.

Lisa Ferguson, Right Path Sober House's