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Every Town Needs Recovery Resources

As house managers, psychiatrists, therapists and police, we are overwhelmed with the need from the families we serve for more education about recovery. Accessing Recovery Resources in each town brings together the people and the places to make recovery real. For the families, we're organizing education and conversation from nearby resources about addiction and recovery. By hosting a presentation that includes the family therapists, interventionists and families in recovery in the town that are available to the members of the community as well as introduce some statewide recovery resources, we are able to share the stories of real families that have made it through to the other side of addiction and into recovery and introduce the professionals that helped make it real. Topics would include :

Becoming an Empowered Parent

How to Seek Help to Intervene on Your  Addicted Teen/Spouse/Parent


How to Manage The Steps to Transition From Addiction into Recovery

Resources for Support and Additional Information

     Town Resources


 The Al-Anon Meetings

     Families That Walk The Walk

     Meet Your Area's Therapists

     Meet Your Area's Sober Living Houses' Manager and Residents

     Meet Your Area's Detox and Rehab Intake People

Team work

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